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Written C Program for strcmp() and strncmp()

 Learn to usestrcmp() and strncmp()  Library function in c which is defined in <string.h>. 

Here str1 and str2 are two strings for comparison.

The strcmp Function compares str1 to str2 in c program. If str1 is bigger than or adequate to str2, then str1 is a smaller amount than or greater than zero, which returns zero.

The function strncmp in c compares str2 to the n characters of the str1 string. The return value of strncmp is adequate to strcmp.

The positive and negative value given by the strncmp function is that the numerical difference between the primary mismatched characters within the strings.

Str1 and str2 are often character array variables or string constants.

C program for strcmp() and strncmp()

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main()
   char str1[ ] = "Computerinhindi"; //initialize character array
   char str2[ ] = "Computerinhindi"; 
   char str3[ ] = "Computerinhindi"; 

   printf("str1 = %s\n"
          "str2 = %s\n"
          "str3 = %s\n\n", str1, str2, str3);

   //comparing given strings
   printf("strcmp(str1, str2) = %d\n", strcmp(str1, str2));
   printf("strcmp(str2, str3) = %d\n", strcmp(str2, str3));
   printf("strcmp(str3, str1) = %d\n\n", strcmp(str3, str1));

   //comparing n characters with help of library function
   printf("strncmp(str1, str3, 3) = %d\n", strncmp(str1, str3, 3));
   printf("strncmp(str1, str3, 6) = %d\n", strncmp(str1, str3, 6));
   printf("strncmp(str3, str1, 6) = %d\n\n", strncmp(str3, str1, 6));

   return 0;

OUTPUT For Written C Program for strcmp()

 and strncmp(): - 

C Program for strcmp()  and strncmp(): -
strcmp() and strncmp()


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