Thursday, November 12, 2020

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Example for getattr() function in python

 getattr() function in python is sued to get the value of an object attribute and it return the default value if no attribute of that object is found.

getattr() function in python
Example for getattr() function in python


The reason of using getattr() function because it return the default value.Now let see the basic syntax : -

getattr(object_name, attribute_name[, default_value])

Example of getattr() function in python

this program will help you to teach about how to use the getattr() function in python

class Student:

    # initial constructor to set the values
    def __init__(self):
        self.student_id = "101"
        self.student_name = "Adam Lam"

student = Student()
# get attribute values by using getattr() function
print('\ngetattr : name of the student is =', getattr(student, "student_name"))

# but you could access this like this
print('traditional: name of the student is =', student.student_name)

Why use getattr() function

  • This function helps to get the object attribute value with the help of Name of that attr. or you can also manually set the input attribute name by console.
  • This function also give the freedom for set the default value according to your need.


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