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sprintf Function In MATLAB With Example Program

 stg = sprintf(formatSpec,B1,...,Bn) use to formats the data in an array with the help of  formatting operators which is specified by formatSpec in MATLAB and returns the resulting text in a define variable(stg) then stg known as output and otherwise stg is an character.

MATLAB Program for Literal Text and Array Inputs

formatSpec = 'The array is %dx%d.';
A1 = 2;
A2 = 3;
str = sprintf(formatSpec,A1,A2)

Sprintf Program example for MATLAB
Program example for MATLAB


compose function is used to return the number of pieces of formatted text as a string array and that can be used with the MATLAB sprintf() Function.

str = sprintf(literalText) In MATLAB use to translates escape-character sequences of the literalText which is define with sprintf function in MATLAB for example :-  \n and \t and sprint function return the all other  characters unaltered.

Now if the string contain any  formatting operator (example %f) then sprint function in MATLAB discards it and all characters after that operator. 

Input Arguments for sprintf function in MATLAB

  • The Output is format with the help of  formatSpec and this also include the ordinary text and special characters.
  • if  formatSpec is include the escape characters in string then  sprintf Function translates that escape characters (such as /n).

Formatting Operator of sprintf

A formatting operator for sprintf starts with a percent sign, %, and ends with a conversion character and the conversion character is also required.

You can also specified some identifier like subtype operators, field width, precision, and  flags between % and  conversion character which is an end point.

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List Of Conversion Character for Sprintf function in MATLAB

There some of the Conversion Character

Conversion Character for Sprintf function in MATLAB
Conversion Character for Sprintf function

Some tips : - 

    The sprintf function in MATLAB is similar to fprintf function but the fprintf function is used for the Command Window.



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